Shop unique styles from independent designers


Decide trendsetting styles in our community


Publish inspiring designs to let the community decide


Connect to fresh designers for sustainable production

How It works

stylekontor is a fashion community. Here you meet exciting new fashion designers and discover unique styles that set the trend.
We will produce the styles developed in our community and deliver them to you.


Shop unique styles from independent designers


How It works


Fresh designers publish inspiring designs


You decide trendsetting styles in our community


Shop a totally unique selection of quality styles


We produce on demand with low waste


We deliver your limited item and pay the designer

You can be part of the creative process, letting us know what to produce by voting and commenting on the fashion designs. Here you interact directly with the designers. You get to know who they are, what’s their stories, and see their thoughts and inspirations. You decide which styles go into our production.

In our shop, we publish a totally unique selection of styles based on what you think sets the trend. If you pre-order, we produce these unique and innovative styles for you. If enough orders are received, we let the sewing machines spin. Here we turn around the make-to-sell culture of the established fashion industry.

By producing on demand, we create a more efficient and sustainable process with a minimum of waste. stylekontor is beyond the trends of so-called “fast fashion” – you decide what you want to wear before it’s being made.

stylekontor produces and delivers individual styles made just for you. You don't pay until your style is delivered, and if you’re not satisfied, you can return your product for a refund. And if you're a designer, you earn a commission for every item sold.

We offer totally unique selection of high quality styles. Fresh independent designers can make their start and realise their dreams.

So join us at stylekontor and don’t just wear fashion – be fashion.

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